About us

Eco Light LED is a supplier of innovate LED lighting products dedicated to industrial, commercial companies and car parks.

Since 2008 we have been gaining knowledge of the latest semiconductor technologies, which we use in our projects in Poland and around Europe.

We specialize in manufacturing linear LED luminaries and implement advanced solutions for intelligent management systems, which maximize energy efficiency.

Our components come from the leading brands in our line of business, guaranteeing superior quality and efficiency.

Quality and safety

Our partners and clients benefit from Intel LED Lightings integrated working practices and environmental management systems; this has been recognized in the form of certification of ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004

As a company, we rely and promote constant personal development in areas such as:

  • Professional consulting and customer service
  • High qualifications, knowledge and experience
  • Health & Safety
  • Maintenance & Repairs

Our goals

We are a creative and ambitious team of colleagues who share the same passion in the technology of LED lighting.

Our experience and extended knowledge within the LED industry guarantees our clients the highest quality products available in todays market, which are dedicated to reducing energy costs whilst improving environments.

Our products and solutions currently set a standard in many locations across Europe from supermarkets, warehouses, industrial buildings and car parks.

We work with many blue chip clients who require premium, quality and and most importantly flawless customer service.

Technology and quality





Our state of the art production facility works alongside our highly qualified team of engineers and designers which are capable of handling the most complex projects and challenges.

We have a dedicated research and development team which allows us to create and modify our own products and create prototype PCB plates. Any new concepts emerge within a few hours after being designed.

Each product will go through a testing phase before finally reaching the main production area.

Eco Light LED has developed a complete Intelligent Management System which is incorporated in to each of our lighting solutions, this allows further substantial reductions in energy usage up to 85% in most cases.