Intelligent solutions

Individual LED Lighting's (IMS) – Intelligent Management Systems allow a substantial reduction in energy consumption as well as allow full lighting control.  In cooperation with other European companies, we were able to create a state of the art product line dedicated to intelligent management solutions.

This system allows users to create the most energy efficient solutions by using These tools:

      Energy usage reports:

  • live current energy consumption and costs,
  • back dated reporting, and comparison charts,
  • dedicated/Pre Alert reports on high usage/hot spots & high admissions.


      Light Customization:

  • setting of required light levels,
  • configuration of lighting system, close down, reduce lighting level function, seasonal lighting configuration.


Constant re-investment in our facilities and colleagues allow us to stay ahead of the competition whilst adopting emerging technologies.



Setting the right light levels:

  • this allows the customization of light levels in designated areas which insures maximum saving,
  • our systems have very flexible planning capabilities, adapting to seasons, weekends, generating CO2 warnings, if levels pass a pre assigned threshold.


Benefits of intelligent management systems (IMS)

  • up to 90% decrease in energy consumption, no extra costs, fully integrated – dimming and daylight / motion sensing,
  • over 100,000 life time,
  • wireless capabilities – certified under EU standards.